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Continuous Efforts Go a Long Way

I would like to extend my special thanks to your employee, Ronnie, because she was helpful and positive and it would mean the world to me if you would thank her personally. You are very “lucky” to have such hard working and dedicated employee. Sometimes a simple thank you for your hard work and continuous efforts go a very long way.


Tracy Q.

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Another Happy Resume Client

Resume client email to

Hello Dora,

The new resume and cover letter look fantastic.  My compliments to you and your resume team for dissecting my work history and experiences and so adeptly summarizing my skills and achievements.  I think I might even hire me after reading the new materials.  I have already been utilizing the new files for applications.

I had a few interviews in the last two weeks as the new files were sent to me, so I will keep you apprised to any developments regarding the new format and presentation of my skills and work experience.  You and Climber have been great to work with, and I can’t say enough about what you bring to the table for prospective job seekers.

All the best, now and in the future.


Thank you Neal!


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A Revised Resume Makes a Big Difference

“I’m so glad to have used I was unemployed for a couple of months and started to grow frustrated at responses. I always received compliments on my resume and did not think that was my problem until I used the resume evaluation. I got a a very meticulous and honest opinion about what was wrong with every part of my resume.

My revised resume made a big difference. I got more responses after posting my updated resume and within two weeks I landed a job in an extremely tough environment here in the DC at a time when people are being let go on a constant basis.

Thanks Climber…I’m so glad I used you guys!!”

- Bruce N.

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Results with a Sense of Care

“Dear Mr. O’Brien,

I just wanted to say thank you for assigning me a very hands on instructor name Toni; she has been a huge help.  I really look forward to finding employment through your staffing company.  Thank you again for running a company that actually produces results with the sense of real care.”

- James B.

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Climber Members, We Love You Too! aims to inspire and assist job seekers in today’s competitive market, not only by putting qualified candidates in direct contact with recruiters, but by providing a wealth of usable tips to keep our members at the top of their game. When we hear that our emails are making a difference, we’re reminded of all the reasons we do what we do…so a big “thank you!” to the wonderful Climbers that have taken the time to let us know! Here’s what some of them have been saying:

I landed a very good position on Thursday June 20, 2013 from using a few tips from the emails that was sent to me from!”

- Woodrow W.


What an inspiring email you just sent.  Just thought I would let you know that you touched another person today with your words alone.  Thank you again, hope you have a fantastic day.”

- Cambria K.


I appreciate the personal advice you send out every day.

Today’s message regrading personalized follow up emails especially hit home with me, as I have hired many people over the years.  I have always wanted to see the individuals interest in the position, and follow up rather than “waiting on me”

I expect energy, and that follow up proves it.

Thank you for taking the time to write these every day, as I expect you are a very busy man!


- Steve T.

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Climber Representatives Make Positive, Lasting Impressions

“I had the pleasure  of speaking with Crystal Payne regarding my search for employment and the services Climber offers. She was exceptionally nice and informative and went the extra mile which I so appreciate.  She is researching information I requested and will be in touch with me.  I hope Climber will give her recognition and reward her in some way…she definitely deserves it.”

- Lisa M.

“I recently signed up with your company to help me find the right job.  I worked with Crystal Payne to get me all set up with my account.  I just want to let you know that she is extremely helpful and efficient.  She responds to all my questions very quickly.  I am glad that I got partnered with her when I called.

- Jen S.

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We’ll Steer You in the Right Direction

“The information provided on [] was clear and concise. I decided to give the service a try and am very pleased with my choice of resume service providers.

I enjoyed working with Ronnie. She has helped me tremendously with obtaining the information that I needed for the resume. I seem to fumble around for the correct words and Ronnie is able to steer me in the right direction. Working with her has been outstanding.”

- Catherine E.

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Resume Reviews: Right on Point

“Dear [Climber],

I would like to thank you for your emails, and also thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review and critique my resume.

I was very impressed and extremely pleased with the email you sent and noted every one of your comments and changes you recommended, which I thought were right on point…following your comments, I will make the necessary corrections to my resume.

Please know that I DO APPRECIATE and THANK YOU very much for the honest assessment of my resume.  No one had done this for me before.

Thanks again for everything.  Best wishes for your continued success.

Have a great day!”

- Barbara B.

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Get Your Bearings with Resume Assistance and Employment Tips

“Dear Mike or

I have to tell you – I read [your] news letter everyday and pick up a new idea or helpful thought every time.  I also got one of your free resume reviews and revised my resume accordingly.  After 25 years in the workforce I had/have no idea how to proceed with my sudden unemployment. I really appreciate all of the help you’ve provided.  If the opportunity arises, I hope I can refer some folks to you.  I found your information to be timely and trending.

Thanks again.”

- Cynthia D.

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Appreciation is a Wonderful Thing

“I wanted to express my thanks to Nicole Chenelle,  Client Services Representative, who ensured that my account was closed and finalized after my 4 month trial period with Climber. Specifically, she handled my request to verify I was taken care of with canceling my account after I was locked out of my portal … She was NOT speaking from a script, but from her thorough knowledge of my history with climber … my feedback is to promote a team player like Nicole to an account manager:)

‘Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.’ – Voltaire”

- Jaynie L.

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