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Amazing Resume Service!

“I’ve used another resume service in the past, which gave shoddy service.

Some of their attributes include:

1) Having the applicant complete the entire resume after the “writer” is
“finished’. Just this step took 2 weeks.
2) No questioning Recruiters.
3) My resume was given to me with quite the fan fair.
4) I read it as a piece of fluff, no substance,no
“meat”. A high schooler could have written it, while I’m looking for a real job.
5) The writer (who I won’t name) told me to edit/add MY RESUME (for $700) was
necessary. Just use the ‘Track Change’ tool. When she was ready she’d show
it to me. Thats when I recongnized my own work and demanded a refund.

So far my experience with Climbers is nothing short of Great!
I have a representitive, Nick Jimenez, who actually calls me – its rare to
get an email. After being out of work for 6 months, that voice telling
me where we are and were I need to be, sometimes reminds me as a drill
sargent, but it’s exactly what I need. Some days, just giving an update, he
makes sure I’m psyched up before going back the the computer. Keep him!” – Susan H.

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