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Outstanding Resume and Staff at Climber!

“Gary Jones here, would like to steal a few minutes of your time to talk about one of your employees. It was little over ten days ago that I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Veronica. I’m in the security industry (Executive Protection/Diplomatic Work) so normally that industry is associated protection and the protectors. I was a little unsure of the Climber Process as I started (if you can tap into my profile you will all of the first class people that worked with me so I do not leave anyone out) I was a bit apprehensive for many reasons(cost and final product quality as it relates to the resume).

Veronica was instrumental in getting me over the apprehension hump. I am normally known as the protector, but being that resume writing is not my field of battle Veronica quickly gained my trust with her on the spot answers, professionalism and craft expertise.

She was very comforting in the fact that she anticipated my every question and then some. This was key confidence builder because when individuals hesitate from my training and lifestyle that is an area to exploit as weakness and opportunity to gain.

I have the utmost respect for Veronica with all sincerity because she knows her craft and represents CLIMBER with confidence. I like that and that is the type of confidence I liked seeing in my Special Operations operators when on active duty as I do with my Executive Protection Agents. Please do not get me wrong, this has nothing to do with being macho.

My comments are based upon what I call “Quiet Professionals” individuals who are competent, confident in their ability to get the job done under all circumstances. Veronica has gained my confidence which translates in my returning to a place where I feel I matter and am taken care of. NOT JUST A NUMBER.

Every one of the representatives ( Veronica, Nicole, Sarah and Danielle) sold me on CLIMBER based upon my words above. There was no “HARD SELL”, Sarah opened the door, brought me into the lobby to meet Nicole, who handed me off to Danielle, and then to Veronica to seal the deal without even talking business.

Your personell recruitment is OUTSTANDING. Since I did not connect with any men, I can say that the ladies mentioned are driving your train exceptionally well and thought that you should know.

Thank you for your time, I wish there were more companies like yours to hold both my attention and business. I am hoping that my networking kicks in soon so I can share my comments publicly on your website.

By the way, my resume and cover letter were excellent!” – Gary J.

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