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Climber Is High Caliber!

“Dear Climber CEO,

When Nicole helped me last week at the end of my resume-writing process by showing me how to use your program, I was very impressed. I told her that I appreciated her following up with me for phone appointments that I had to re-schedule, as well as for her punctuality in calling at the appointed times and overall pleasantness. The reason that I was so impressed was that, even though the time I spent on the phone with her was not lengthy, she seemed to exemplify the very positive experience that I had with Climber, reinforcing for me the superb service that I felt that I received throughout my business dealings with your company. I told her that, and she then said that she was sure that her CEO would like to hear my compliments. That is why I’m writing this note to you.

Sir, as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, the most important asset an organization has is its people. I say that I’m sure I need not make that statement is because you are staffed by the most competent and pleasant people, indicating to me how important it is to you to emphasize people skills in your staffing.

My initial experience with Climber was when I received a critique of my resume from Megan. Frankly, having paid another resume-writing company some money a while back to write my resume, and then getting continual resume-writing service offers from all of the websites out there, I was skeptical. I don’t really know why I took up your firm’s offer to review my resume instead of the others, but I did – and I’m very glad that I did, because Megan’s observations were top-notch. Some time ago someone else told me that my resume (for which I had paid the other service) was fine; no changes were recommended. Megan didn’t say that. Instead, as someone who has an insurance and financial services sales background but is qualified for and wants a management position, she told me that my resume didn’t reflect what I wanted – in fact, it “screamed insurance sales.”

Well, I didn’t like the sound of that, but I wasn’t about to blame the messenger. I reflected on her comments and thought that she was right. Her analysis was spot-on, and I’m very grateful that she gave it to me. You’ve got a keen observer and very sharp person on your staff in Megan. She’s someone of whom you should be proud.

I then had a chance to talk to Shannon. I wasn’t thrilled about paying another on-line service $649 for resume writing and services, regardless of the high quality of Megan’s work, but after speaking to Shannon I was. She was patient, informed, consultative and encouraging. She gave me a lot of time as I asked a lot of questions, but she gave me an impression that she really knew the market of job-seeking and that Climber could help me. To me, Shannon is at the top of her league.

In light of Megan and Shannon being exemplary, those were big shoes to fill. I really wished at that point that Shannon could be my project manager, I was so impressed by her. Obviously, that’s not her role, but it was what I had wished for. It didn’t take me too long to appreciate that the project manager assigned to me, Dora, would be able to fill the big shoes. Dora, too, demonstrated that she was knowledgeable, patient, understanding and could be helpful – and I feel that she was all of that and more. I had the most interaction with Dora, and I have nothing but the most positive things to say about her. When I look at the finished product that is my new resume it hardly resembles my prior one. My future may literally be affected greatly by the changes, and I’m thrilled with the outcome. That’s due to Dora, the hard work that she put in and the value that she added.

Lastly, as I remarked to Nicole, it is quite apparent to me that there is a lot of intelligence behind your system. Nicole mentioned that you received awards for your system two years in a row. I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

You have a high-caliber organization, one which excels in its business with people who are very professional and pleasurable to deal with. Congratulations to you. I’m glad that you can count me as a customer!” – Brian D.

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