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Get Your Bearings with Resume Assistance and Employment Tips

“Dear Mike or

I have to tell you – I read [your] news letter everyday and pick up a new idea or helpful thought every time.  I also got one of your free resume reviews and revised my resume accordingly.  After 25 years in the workforce I had/have no idea how to proceed with my sudden unemployment. I really appreciate all of the help you’ve provided.  If the opportunity arises, I hope I can refer some folks to you.  I found your information to be timely and trending.

Thanks again.”

- Cynthia D.

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Appreciation is a Wonderful Thing

“I wanted to express my thanks to Nicole Chenelle,  Client Services Representative, who ensured that my account was closed and finalized after my 4 month trial period with Climber. Specifically, she handled my request to verify I was taken care of with canceling my account after I was locked out of my portal … She was NOT speaking from a script, but from her thorough knowledge of my history with climber … my feedback is to promote a team player like Nicole to an account manager:)

‘Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.’ – Voltaire”

- Jaynie L.

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Reliable Advice When Life Throws a Curveball

“Mr. O’Brien,

As I continue to read articles from your office, I wanted to thank you for your great insight.  I have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed and it came as quite a surprise.  It goes to show we must always be prepared for the unexpected…”

- Karen M. C.

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Real World Insights About Real World Recruiters

“Thanks for the beautiful insights contained in your email explaining how candidates can get more phone calls from recruiters.”

- Newton O.

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Energize Your Job Search


Thanks for the call today!  You gave me great advice and information, and now I feel that my job search is re-energized and even more focused.  I will work on my answer to the inevitable question ‘Tell me about yourself.’  I will first update my resume and send that to you.

Thanks again!”

- Steve M.

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Climber Keeps You Current


Many thanks for writing this article. Information like this is very hard to come by, especially current information. I appreciate the time and effort you put in it to the benefit of others like me. Keep up the good work.


- James H.

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The Most Marketable You

“Hello Dora.

All I can say is WOW!!. The resume and the cover letter are awesome. They indeed capture all the information that I need to be marketable.

I did not see any additions or omissions that I want you to make. It is great as is. Thank you very much.

I would like to extend many thanks to you for working with me through your Holiday time, and for being patient with me. The investment I made with was worth every dollar. Now I am confident that my resume and cover letter will make me the most marketable professional in my field of expertise.

Best Regards.”

- Majed A.

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Advice to Help You Land the Job

“It must be kismet?? I just finished an almost hour long job interview today with a woman at a company that I have been interested in working with for several months now. I feel like the interview went very well and I left there feeling that rush you get when you just know you nailed it?! Anyway, I just finished sending her an email thanking her for taking the time to meet with me today and how excited I was at the prospect of working with her and the company even more than before. I sent that email on your advice and right after sending it, I opened your email regarding your suggestion of the email that I received yesterday. I had several other emails newer than yours from today, but I chose to open that one. I think its a sign…I’ll let you know when I receive the job offer and I will always be open to advice from you on how to land the job I want.

Thanks Mike!!!


Mickie W.”

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You Can Expect The Best with Climber


Thank you for calling me this evening and introducing me to the Climber engine. I appreciate your time and efforts, as well as the suggestions made to help me get my information to recruiters.

Very respectfully yours.”

Joseph G.

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In-depth Insights Into the Hunt


I’ve been an employer and employee, independent contractor and consultant and this article brushed the very essence of job hunting from each of those perspectives.  It can be a frustrating, long term effort that leaves you feeling impersonal and “just another resume”.

In drafting one on one responses, the candidate can create a much more personally rewarding process by taking your advice and making it a personl interaction (when they can) with the interviewer.

It also creates, as you stated, an impression to set you apart.  Thank you for your insights.”

- Robert P.

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